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Based out of Minneapolis MN, OMNIA:ARTS strives to help artists by providing the tools they need to create their art. The studio is a professional yet relaxed atmosphere and features world class hardware for the artist to get the sound they need but at affordable rates.   

OMNIA:ARTS line of products, custom recording equipment, and guitar amplifiers use high quality components and parts, and are built and assembled here in Minneapolis.

From mic modifications to guitar amp repair to mixing console overhauls to recording equipment upgrades ,omnia:arts offers honest rates for equipment service and modifications.   


 The steam-punk setting is that of a home/art gallery, but with the results one gets from larger more expensive recording facilities.  It's poetry, it's punk, and it's also professional.  


The Studio is centered around a very respected recording/mixing console and features racks of world class analog hardware, an engineer with nearly two decades of experience, a plethora of instruments, drums, and amps, and operates in an acoustically treated professional home studio with 24/7 access to other larger facilities in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.

Mastering rat

omnia:arts has had the fortune of working with many of the local talented musicians and artists from the Twin Cities area and can provide top of the line musicians for any project regardless of size.  


Combined with using the best software and hardware available omnia:arts also offers mastering with very affordable rates.

We can also compose music for the artist, or for TV, radio, film and online, as well as add instruments if needed. 


OMNIA:ARTS recording equipment, guitar amps, and modifications are in studios, colleges, homes, and stages across the US.  Using high quality parts, each piece of equipment has been rigourously tested and used in various studios, homes, and venues in and around the Minneapolis area in order to guarantee exceptional performance.

   An OMNIA:ARTS MX72-NV 9 channel Neve inspired summing mixer just left the shop several weeks ago and is currently in a producers home where it is the centerpiece for their studio and helping them to make great mixes with some vintage and modern flavors, adding a depth, tone, and dimension that plug ins struggle to achieve.

   Formerly omnia:audio (long sad story) omnia:arts also builds several pieces that are modern recreations of classic gear.  The H69 dual channel EQ is available with several different gain stages using the incredible filters of the legendary Helios consoles but offering tube, DOA, and Neve flavored gain stages that can add an extra dimension and gives the engineer/producer a nice palate from which to work from.  



From mic modifications including new capsules, transformers, and capacitor upgrades to adding a bright switch or a third high-gain channel to a guitar amp, omnia:arts has modified and repaired countless pieces of equipment.  

Recent modifications include the Apex 460 mod, the Behringer B-2 upgrade mod, adding a 24bit /192k DAC to a custom built reference monitor amp, to a compression circuit inside a two channel guitar amp.


MX72-NV Summing Mixer

Based around a dual Neve 1272 output stage and using Carnhill input and output transformers, the MX72-NV is a litttle bit of all the classsic circuit in a 3U 19" box. Each channel uses a 2520 type DOA and features gain, pan, mute, insert select and an aux.



G4K Stereo Bus Compressor

Based on the G-SSL compressor; the G4K adds more functionality including a switchable turbo circuit as well as a blend circuit with wet/dry control and a switchable high pass filter.


FX-2 ALEMBIC Guitar Amp

Two channel tube guitar amp with a solid state power amp section.  120 watt recreation of the Alembic amp (preamp section of the Fender dual showman) and used by guitarists worldwide.


OMNIA:ARTS - H69 Mic Preamp - EQ

Adding modern components and output transformers to the legendary Helios circuit, the H69 mic preamp eq has a vintage sound  that is often sought after in this digital age.



From World and Romani music to industrial black metal to classical Dylan Emelianoff has been composing, performing, and recording music for over two decades.  An experienced sound-man Dylan began repairing recording equipment many years ago while interning at BlackDog Studios in NY.  Not too long after becoming second engineer the facility shutdown but with the guidance of chief engineer Craig Holcomb (who moved to take over Cap Records located in the Philippines) Dylan moved to Burlington Vermont and opened Stranger Music Studios.

A successful venture Dylan recorded bands and did sound at various local venues as well as performing and touring with his own world punk band sai u drom. 

Throughout the years Dylan has done modifications and repairs and began building clones to outfit his studio as well as colleagues. After several years Dylan began designing his own equipment, and started omnia:audio using the tried and true circuits already established while adding his own touch to enhance certain features.  

Eventually the name was changed to omnia:arts which made more sense as the company has branched out into several fields within the art/music community. 

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