Anatomically Incorrect Circuit Insects

....and along came the Circuit Insects. 

   Decades after the apocalypse, the Anatomically Incorrect Circuit Insects emerged from the rubble and debris to bring a dark beauty and wonder back into the world..  Incorporating recycled circuit parts the insects come as taxidermy in two collections; one that is illuminated (the "Illuminati") and another which isn't. 

  The "Illuminati" collection gained power (as they always try to do) from a 9V battery that is encased in a battery holder on the side of the recycled steampunk display case frame. A switch on the 9V battery holder allows one to turn on or off the illumination.

  The other Anatomically Incorrect Circuit Insects resemble taxidermy but with a steampunk/cyber flavor.

Most of the Circuit Insects come in a framed display case to hang on a wall while several are pinned to be worn like admiral pins or as a brooch to your favorite speak easy bar.