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Musical Composition


 Is there a song (or songs) in your head that you would like to see realized?  A video idea that you would like to see materialize?  Do you need music added to your documentary, short film, commercial or youtube video?  Is there something you do or  someone you know of that you feel should be documented?   Do you want to send that special someone their favorite song but with you singing it?
  With an experienced musician/engineer with a love for music this can be more than just an idea.  Several documentaries and short films have had the music of omnia:arts involved in them (although under a different name).   Creating the right music is hard and takes countless hours but is incredibly rewarding.  Armed with a ton of recording hardware, an enormous amount of orchestral and synthesis software, and a plethora of instruments, as well as being able to provide a very dynamic variety of experienced and accomplished studio musicians to fit your needs including, piano, violins, brass, vocals, guitars, accordion, cello, drums, etc... there is no project too small or too big. 



- Vocal arrangements

- Musical composition and arrangement

- Production

- Soundtrack and soundscapes 

- Songwriting

- Accompaniment


Pricing is reasonable and custom packages to accommodate your budget are available. 

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Coming soon: sound and video samples