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Custom built guitar amps and recording equipment. Design, modification, and repair.

OMNIA:ARTS designs, builds, and modifies recording gear, guitar amplifiers, and audio equipment.  Custom builds include mics, preamps, compressors, passive, active, and digital studio monitor controllers, to three channel guitar amps capable of clean warm tone as well as extremely hi gain. 


We also modify Sometimes a simple modification can turn a good mic into an outstanding mic. Adding a bright switch to a guitar amp can add another level of versatility many never thought possible.  A customized passive monitor controller can be the missing piece in someones studio.

More than a few omnia:arts (formerly omnia audio) custom pieces can be found in studios, homes, clubs, and colleges across the US.  Very soon another MX-72NV Neve inspired 10 channel summing mixer will be in a new home studio warming up mixes for another producer/engineer.

Susanna from All the Pretty Horses has been using

the OMNIA:ARTS Alembic FX-2 guitar amp and loving it.

Some examples of OMNIA:ARTS recent modifications include adding a hi gain distortion circuit to a guitar amp (so a third hi gain channel), adding more functionality to a mastering insert switcher, fitting a mic preamp with a DI, a complete overhaul of an MXL mic, a bright switch in a guitar amplifier, and led metering to a stereo amp. 

In the gallery below is various gear and projects built and/or modified by omnia:arts.  Most were built for customers, while others were built for the omnia:arts studio, colleagues, and friends.  Some use PCB's designed by various engineers worldwide.  Others were designed by omnia:arts.  In some cases omnia:arts was asked to prototype and test another designers PCB and built the piece from scratch. 

Custom builds require attention to detail and parts are selected by both importance, effect, and expense.  All custom built equipment comes with a 5 year repair warranty. The same warranty applies to omnia:arts own line of amps and equipment.  Ask about our reduced price on first off, used, and prototype pieces.  


Along with residential, omnia:arts has installed audio systems in restaurants, clubs, factories, recording studios, and offices. 

Visit the FAQ page or contact omnia:arts with any questions

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