Custom shop, vintage restoration, and repair

Custom built guitar amps and recording equipment. Design, modification, restoration, and repair.

omnia:arts designs, builds, repairs, and modifies recording gear, guitar amplifiers, and audio equipment.  Custom builds include mics, preamps, compressors,  monitor controllers, as well as three channel guitar amps capable of clean warm tone as well as extremely hi gain. 


Sometimes a simple modification can turn a good piece of equipment into something outstanding.  Often companies try to cut as many corners as possible and their component choice isn't ideal.  Most  of the time these things can be upgraded giving the user are far better quality product. 

More than a few omnia:arts (formerly omnia audio) custom pieces can be found in studios, homes, clubs, and colleges across the US.   A custom made 3 in 4 out passive monitor controller was just been sent out 5 weeks ago with the customer saying it was the missing link in their studio.

Susanna from All the Pretty Horses has been using

the omnia:arts Alembic FX-2 guitar amp and loving it.

omnia:arts also does vintage restoration and repair. From decades old Neve modules to modern Hartke bass amps we can quote an honest price, given the work that needs to be done or the components that need to be gathered.

helios 69 tube.jpg

In the gallery below is various gear and projects built and/or modified by omnia:arts.  Most were built for customers, while others were built for the omnia:arts studio, colleagues, and friends.  Some use PCB's designed by various engineers worldwide.  Others were designed by omnia:arts.  In some cases omnia:arts was asked to prototype and test another designers PCB and built the piece from scratch. 

Custom builds require attention to detail and parts are selected by both importance, effect, and expense.  All custom built equipment comes with a 5 year repair warranty. The same warranty applies to omnia:arts own line of amps and equipment.  Ask about our reduced price on first off, used, and prototype pieces.  

Visit the FAQ page or contact omnia:arts with any questions

m-3124 mic preamp

M-3124: Four channel 312 type mic preamp


Four channel 312 type mic pre-amplifiers.


Each channel features 4 illuminated push-button switches for phantom power, polarity reverse, and an input and output pad.

1176LN Rev A in 1U

Finished and racked 1176 limiting amplifier Rev A.

1176 front 1u

We made several of these using our own etched pcb's and the ones offered at Hairball Audio


A rendition of the classic 1176 compressor in a 1u size.

Dual Pultec, Helios Mic Pre, dual Helios

Dual channel Pultec EQ, Helios mic preamp/eq, and Dual Helios EQ


PM-D-EQP-2A (Poor Man's Dual eqp-2a) uses the filters and tube gain stage first designed by Ian Thompson of Ruff Records for his tube mixer channels.

dual pultec

Overview of the Dual Pultec EQ-P2A


Along with an EA2503 output transformer there are two 2520 DOA's made by Sparkos Labs in the signal path. Sparkos Labs DOA's really shined through and made the eq come alive. Comparable to Scott Leibers infamous DOA's

eq540 gyrator eq

omnia:arts was the first to build, test, and prototype this amazing gyrator equalizer designed by mad scientists and transistor wizard Pier Paolo Abbate.

EQ540 x 2

Glorious gyrator equalizer's with Grayhill rotary switches, Sparko Labs 2520 DOA's, and EA 2503 Output Transformers.

NV-1073 dual Neve mic preamp clone

Recreation of the venerable 1290 preamp section of the Neve 1073 with pushbutton switches for 48v, polarity reverse, and line/mic switch. Stepped gain stage and output trim. Amazing on everything and also works great for summing for those who want to impart some of the analog Neve warmth to their mix.

NV-1073 top

Neve 1290 mic preamplifier clone top view

Neve and Helios

2 channels of Neve clone preamplifiers on top of 2 channels of Helios type 69 EQ's. Amazing channel strip

Helios and Neve type builds
monitor controller prtotype

3 in 4 out monitor controller prototype. Features illuminated switching for mute left and right, reverse, mono/stereo, dim, headphone out, and numeric display indicating volume level.

CTC-MP tube mic preamp

Custom Twin Channel tube mic preamp.


2 channel tube mic preamp with Jensen input transformers and Carnhill output transformers. Powerful and awesome tube mic preamp with wonderfully hi fi signal path,

CTC-MP2 insides

Insides of the CTC-MP2. Tube warmth with Jensen and Carnhill transformers for even more warmth.


CTC-MP2 - Dual channel tube mic preamp with Jensen input transformers and Carnhill output transformers. Just Beautiful. Built by OMNIA:ARTS using a one of a kind PCB designed by Ian Thompson Bell of Ruff Records. One of the best mic preamps I have ever used.


Two channel API 312 type mic preamp


Dual channel LA2A - two channels of the legendary tube compressor. A favorite in the studio (and studios everywhere) and used all of the time. Uses pcb's designed by Volker Mayer at [silent:arts]

D-LA2A insides

Insides of the D-LA2A - Built by OMNIA:ARTS using the pcb designed by the genius Volker Mayer [silent:arts].

Dual Pultec, Helios 69, Helios eq

Dual Pultec, Helios mic preamp eq, Helios dual eq

1176 Rev J

Recreation of the 1176 rev 'J'. Very solid compressor.

1176 type limiting amplifier

1176 limiting amplifier rev J

DIY classics: GSSL, W492, 1176

From top to bottom; GSSL compressor using Jakob Erlands pcb's, Neumann W492 eq using the pcb's designed by Audiox, PH76 (1176) compressor

G-SSL compressor with turbo

G-SSL compressor. Turbo addition makes it behave just like the bus compressor on the revered SSL 4000 mixing console.


A very popular DIY guitar amp the Alembic is the tube preamp section of the Fender dual showman and was used by many great guitarists. This uses a solid state 120 watt power section making it great for recording and live.

Alembic F-X2

Pic of the final testing of the Alembic FX-2

Alembic F-X2

Two channel Alembic type 120 watt guitar amplifier. Tube preamp front end with solid state amp.


This was made for the studio but after a friend heard it we built a few more. The pcb was designed by Aion Electronics. Aion Electronics sells pcb's of classic guitar pedals.

Lab L5+ and Alembic F-X2
Lab Series type L5+

The Lab Series amps are considered by many to be the most tube sounding solid state amps ever built. Lots of great guitarists swore by these amps. This adds an extra overdrive cirxuit to make it even more versatile.


This is a remake of the Moog design Gibson Lab Series L5 with some modifications. Aion Electronics painstakingly reverse engineered the preamp section of the L5 to put it into a pedal format. After hearing the preamp we were impressed by Aion Electronics work, so we decided to add a compatible power amp and put it into a 2u rack. Wanting a little more variety we added an overdrive circuit very similar to the Big Muff Pi op amp circuit. Aion Electronics has a great history write up of the L5.


Helios 69 type filters with DOA gain stages and Edcor input transformers, Grayhill rotary switches and Carnhill inductors and output transformers


Helios type 69 remake by omnia:arts. We plan on combing the Helios front end with the infamous Neve 1290 output and see what magic occurs.


Helios type 69 mic preamp/eq based on the classic and coveted preamp eq. Redesigned and built by OMNIA:ARTS to include output transformers. Awesome Neve meets API preamp with a beautiful eq filter.


Helios type 69 mic preamp and eq. Built using the schematics online and very loved in the studio.

he69mp top

pirates of helio

Helios dual eq tube gain stage

Dual channel Helios type 69 eq filters with tube gain stage and Carnhill transformers.

HE69TEQ type tube gain staged eq

Helios type EQ with tube gain stage


Helios 69 EQ using tube gain stage as well as Edcor input transformers as and Carnhill inductors and output transformers.

HE69TEQ helios type with tube gain

Inside the Helios type 69 tube gain stage EQ with Edcor and Carnhill transformers.

helios eq top front

pirate art and hel (from) ios

Two channel helios type 69 eq

Using the solid state gain make up designed by APP Studio ing this version of Helios type 69 dual channel eq uses DOA (discrete op amp) gain stages and Edcor input transformers as well as Carnhill inductors and output transformers. Tight EQ.

he69eq dual eq

solid state helios type eq with DOA signal path and edcor and carnhill transformers


One stereo and eight mono channel summing mixer with Neve type summing section Carnhill input transformers and Ed Anderson (Mariner type) output transformers.


Master/Monitor section of MX72-NV summing mixer with switches for dim, mute, reverse, master insert, mono/stereo and headphone monitoring.


Each channel uses a DOA and features gain, pan, and aux, with mute and insert switches.

prototype MX72-NV

Testing the prototype MX72-NV

(p)helios type 69 module thingy

Helios type 69 module we made for a former Helios console owner with an added output transformer. The originals didn't use output transformers and went unbalanced.