Studio and Live FAQ

How much do you charge for studio time?  What are your rates?

We are going to need specifics.   

What would you like to record and mix?

Is this just one song or a whole demo?

Have you ever recorded in a studio before?

If you are a band how long have you been together?

If you are a typical band trying to cut a 5 song demo it is typically $25-30 an hour, but it is very dependent on what the band wants and that rate is subject to change.

If you are a singer songwriter trying to cut a couple of songs it is $25 an hour or $500 per song. 

Singer songwriter hip hop artist who have beats already done are charged $20-$25 an hour.

Voice overs are $25 an hour.

Deals are offered for larger projects. 

If I have beats already done how should I send them?

Great question.  If at all possible send them in a .wav format at 24bit/96k via wetransfer.  We want the highest quality as our foundation for your music.

What do you need from me?

Great question.  If you have any recorded material send a link to it, or send it via email.  Who are your influences for what you are recording.  Specifics are important. Not just artist. But artist, album, and favorite songs off that album.

How long does it take to record a song or an album?

There are so many variables it is almost impossible to answer this question (and it gets asked often)

It depends on how much you know the material you are recording and how finished the material is.  if you are in a band then how long you have all been playing together and how tight you are both have significant effects on how long it will take.

Hence the reluctance to charge per song.  If we are recording an entire album than we can make a deal.

I have some old records my grandfather had and want to transfer them to cd or digital like mp3, can omnia:arts do this?


Yep.  Often the age of the old records effects the quality, and there is a lot of noise and crinkling that goes with the transfer.  We can clean that up but it does take some time.


I am a producer and want to use your studio to mix some songs, how much do you charge?

Approximately $15-20 an hour


I have looked around, why are you cheaper than other studios?

Because we actually aren't very good. 

Just kidding.  

Several reasons:

For one, the studio half of omnia:arts took a several year long hiatus, and recorded artists with far less frequency as the custom build and repair half got busier.  So in a sense it is new again.

Two: The name had to be changed from omnia:audio to omnia:arts (long story) and so the brand is yet to be something (again). There are many equalizers, preamps, and PCB's with the former name on them.

Three: There is a lot of talent out there and recording and mixing an album is expensive.  So this is an alternative.

Four: While very professional, and definitely not some 20 something with a laptop and a $2k interface, it is a studio in a home and not a facility. For instance: drums are sometimes recorded at one of the drum studios omnia:arts works with.   Everything else is often recorded at the omnia:arts studio.


I have Kemper and an AxeFX (or use VST amps) can I just record my guitars at home? 

Absolutely.  Re-amping can also be done here.  Record a dry track (no distortion or effects) when you are recording the guitars .  Play your best.

It's worth mentioning that some musicians play their best when they are on the spot. 

Some play their worst. It is called 'red light disease' and occurs the moment the musician knows they are being recorded.

I am a singer and want to record some songs I have written, but I can't play any instruments, does omnia:arts do that?

Yep. Any instrument you want can be brought into the studio or we can find a VST emulation of it. There is no additional charge for helping you to produce your songs.  Studio musicians can also be had for an additional $20 an hour that goes directly to them. All studio musicians can site read and many of them have near perfect pitch so can play whatever they hear.

We use superior drummer or EZdrummer along with our drummer, are you comfortable working with that?

Absolutely.  Several Grammy' have been recorded with SD drums.

If we record a song or album do we get a master?


When we get paid you do. :)

Does omnia:arts do mastering?

Okay the short answer is yes and there is no doubt that you will get a very professional radio friendly master in whatever file format you would like (DDP, CD, Hofa, etc...) and it will be vastly superior to whatever your buddy is cranking out in his bedroom with his  Macbook, UA Apollo, a bunch of plug-ins and $3k Focal monitors but its more than that.

The mastering process is an art.  Plug-ins are really great but they don't have the range actual hardware does nor the soul.  From Shadow Hills and SPL mastering compressors to Sontec, Maselec, Buzz Audio equalizers the hardware used makes a huge difference.  A mastering engineer has been listening to good and bad mixes for years and knows how and what he can do (if anything).  There are also many talented mastering engineers that hear the subtle nuances that your buddy doesn't, because he doesn't even know to listen for them.  So yes omnia:arts will happily master your album but we work with several very talented mastering engineers that will probably do it better.




Custom Shop FAQ

How much does a typical custom built guitar amp cost?

It all depends on what you want?  How many channels?  The omnia:arts Ghost 3 channel guitar amp will be approximately $700.  Custom builds can run anywhere from $500-$3000

How does one go about getting a custom build done?

First you have to ask yourself what do you want?  What does it do?  Let's say it is a 16 channel summing mixer with a Neve type master output.  Does it have volume control of each channel? (it doesn't have to) Is there several outputs?  Is there any led or vu metering?

Is it just a passive summing box? 

We can discuss all this as well.  It can be as simple and complex as you want.

How long will it take?

That gets asked a lot and there is no definitive answer.  There are just too many variables: starting with what exactly is being asked to be built.  Often people will add on functions as the build compresses as well. Each add on adds time and money.

That said if you want something you saw on the Custom Shop page that can be narrowed down a lot quicker.

How much would it cost to modify my mic and how long?

Typically $100.   The best mods are replacing the components used in the design as many of the less expensive mics cut corners where they can.  Sometimes a new capsule is the way to go. If its a new capsule it has to be ordered and then replced and the mic might need adjustemnt to better fit with the better capsule.  It doesn't take nearly as long as a custom build. Capsules range from $100 for a Neumann type capsule to $400 for an actual Neumann.  A vintage capsule can be even more.

I want to modify my mic the same way as an article I read in Tape Op, can you do that?

Yep. Point to the article.

Can you modify my audio interface?

Currently SMD work (which are tiny components like IC's that are put on by a computer and a robot) is out of the question as the shop is not set up for it.  Black Lion Audio does modify audio interfaces and although not exactly cheap they are very good.

Do you build hi end home audio stuff?


Do you do repairs?





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