G4K Stereo Bus Compressor

G4K Bus Compressor

G4K Bus Compressor


Price:  $899.99

  Inspired by the G-SSL; the G4K Stereo Bus Compressor is a must have for cohesion of the mix. A stereo VCA compressor, the G4K features Illuminated push-button switches to engage a boost/turbo circuit, a high pass filter, a wet/dry blend circuit, and true bypass while maintaining the Threshold, Ratio, Attack, Release, and Output gain of the original.  The G4KX is very similar to the G4K but features stepped controls for easy recall as well as input and output transformers. 


Stepped Rotary switches for fixed Ratio, Attack, and Release are perfect for recall as well as set-and-forget.

True Bypass for when one needs to get a different perspective of the mix, especially when using the G4K at lighter settings.

The blend circuit is great for parallel compression making it useful for tracking as well.  

A switchable High Pass Filter to remove unwanted frequencies that may have been built up in the mix.

The venerable Boost/Turbo circuit AKA Oxford/Aerhaus can be engaged to make the G4K behave more like the SSL compressor it was based on.

Ratio of 2:1, 4:1, and 10:1


Attack times .1, .3, .5, 10, 30ms


Release:  .1, .3, 1, 2, Auto (secs)


VU meter displaying gain reduction

Each G4K is assembled in Minneapolis MN, and requires a 1-2 month waiting time. Prototypes are available for purchase or a reduced rate.  Contact us. 

Price:  $899.99