Helios 69 mic preamp eq

Inspired by the Helios 69 and using the same circuitry but modified for an output transformer and with better (IMO) modern equivalent components such as transistors and capacitors, the HE69MPQ is a vintage sounding mic preamp and eq with the same filters found on the Helios EQ's as well as a very similar mojo. 

  Audio enters through a vibrant smooth Jensen or Cinemag input transformer and goes through a recreation of the 2128 amp circuit that is found in Helios modules.  The audio signal can continue through the very effective EQ or can be bypassed right to the 22113 output amp for when wants to strictly use the mic preamp.  The same switch engages the EQ.

  We added another small stage to the 22113 amp so to incorporate a Cinemag output transformer that adds a warm push that jives very well with the Helios circuit.  It also makes the 1u mic preamp/eq balanced (which unlike the originals which went unbalanced) making it easier to incorporate into the modern studio.

helios he69mq

Price:  $899.99