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PLEASE NOTE: Dylan Emelianoff has died, and therefore we will be taking no new orders until the site has been revamped. Orders are unable to be filled at this time

Recording studio, custom built audio equipment, steampunk art, trinkets and more.

OMNIA:ARTS encompasses several facets of music, audio design, and art.  With over two decades of experience, a plethora of world class gear and software,  OMNIA:ARTS provides professional recording, mixing, and mastering services so clients leave with a high quality radio friendly track that is on par with tracks made nowadays.  We want you to sound good so we sound good.

Our custom built vintage hardware, pedals, and amps provide all the tools a musician needs to get the sound and flavor you desire at the best possible price.

  OMNIA:ARTS also creates steampunk art decor, custom instrument painting, as well as recording studio construction and design.  Our "Anatomically Incorrect  Circuit Insects" use recycled audio and computer parts to create unique decorations for your home or studio. 

  Whether we are recording, constructing, repairing, or creating, OMNIA:ARTS is committed to making your world a little more beautiful. Check out our guitar painting and prints at CrystaLynn's Tangles.

Based out of Minneapolis MN, OMNIA:ARTS strives to help artists by providing the tools they need to create their art. The studio is a professional yet relaxed atmosphere and features world class high end professional hardware for the artist to get the sound they need but at affordable rates.  Along with recording and mixing services we also offering radio quality mastering as well as soundscape and audio design.  On-site live recording at 24bit/192k provides high quality audio capturing with no job being to small or too big.  

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 The steam-punk setting of the omnia:arts studio is that of a home/art gallery, but with the results one gets from larger more expensive recording facilities.  It's poetic, it's punk, and it's also professional.


The Studio is centered around a Yamaha DM2000 mixing console and features racks of world class analog hardware that include Neve, API, and Universal Audio equipment, as well the latest recording and mixing software, and a nice selection of instruments, drums, and amps to choose rom.  One also gets an engineer with nearly two decades of experience, and operates in an acoustically treated professional home studio with 24/7 access to other larger facilities in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.


Being musicians as well as engineers and having spent years touring and doing sound for countless bands, we are also able to location recording or live sound for any given situation or circumstance.  We are comfortable with both digital and analog mixing consoles.

....and along came the Circuit Insects. 

   Decades after the apocalypse, the Anatomically Incorrect Circuit Insects emerged from the rubble and debris to bring a dark beauty and wonder back into the world..  Incorporating recycled circuit parts the insects come as taxidermy in two collections; one that is illuminated (the "Illuminati") and another which isn't. 

  The "Illuminati" collection gained power (as they always try to do) from a 9V battery that is encased in a battery holder on the side of the recycled steampunk display case frame. A switch on the 9V battery holder allows one to turn on or off the illumination.

  The other Anatomically Incorrect Circuit Insects resemble taxidermy but with a steampunk/cyber flavor.

Most of the Circuit Insects come in a framed display case to hang on a wall while several are pinned to be worn like admiral pins or as a brooch to your favorite speak easy bar. 

omnia:arts has built recording equipment, guitar, and bass amps for studios, colleges, and homes all over the world.  All products are built and assembled by hand in Minneapolis MN, USA.  There is a deep respect and love put into every piece of equipment.  Each piece goes through rigorous tests before being sent out. Most pieces are built to order but we do have some available. Please understand that each piece might take 1 to 2 months to deliver as we make sure you get something special that is deserving of the price tag, and the pandemic has made shipping and ordering of particular parts rather difficult.

  Our range of recording equipment, guitar amps, and pedals have a respectable nod to the original pieces they were based on.  For instance the Helios EQ, comes with three variations of the gain stages that include a modern Helios input and output amps, an API 312 type DOA based gain stage, a super transparent THAt mastering quality gain stage, and a Neve based gain stage.  All delivering a different flavor. Click on the pro-audio link to see more pieces of equipment.

Based on the G-SSL compressor; the G4K adds more functionality which includes; a switchable normal/turbo circuit,  a blend circuit with wet/dry control, a switchable high pass filter...