LABseries L5+ Studio Guitar Amp

Lab series L5+ studio guitar amplifier

This beautiful amp features a faithful recreation of the Moog designed preamp built for Gibson in the late 70's and early eighties.  It is considered by many to be the most tube sounding solid-state amp ever made. 

A two channel amp, both channels can access a switchable compressor and the master volume. Painstakingly reverse engineered by Aion electronics, both channels feature knobs for volume, hi, mid, bass, as well as a bright switch.  Channel 2 adds a frequency selector and multifilter making the amp a studio workhorse. omnia:arts took it a few more steps adding a seperate engageable distortion circuit which both channels can use. A low/hi impedance switch is located above the 1/4 input jack. Channel selection is on aatoggle switch and has a blue and red LED to indicate what channel is in use.  On the back is a 1/4 inch preamp out jack for studio use, as well as another 1/4 jack for speaker cabs.  The 150 watt output is very happy at 4 ohms. A bypass switch is incorporated for when needs the amp not in the signal path.



From B.B. King to Ty Tabor of King X, many great guitarists played through LabSeries amps and swore by them being an essential part of their sound.  The circuit was innovative and meticulously designed and tube emulation was unheard of. The Lab Series team lead by Bob Moog spent years designing the amps and what they released was a top of the line well built amp.  For more info on the L5 history please visit Aion Electronics.

omnia:arts prototype of L5+

omnia:arts (formerly omnia:audio) prototype of L5+

The switchable distortion circuit adds a nice drive to the amp taking it into the high gain territory. Knobs for gain, tone, and drive are available to dial in the distortion.  We tried many overdrive and distortion circuits,and this one felt the most natural to us. 

Price:  $1099.99

omnia:arts L5+