Like any online community, different parts of the art community link together to create the fabric of what we hear and see today.  The internet is a powerful tool for this.


The medium of how we make art might seem different but in many ways that too is the same. 


Below are links of places that Omnia:Arts is either connected to, has deep respect for, or works directly or indirectly with.  From art studios to mastering facilities to DIY networks to colleagues projects they are all linked.

CAPI:  Jeff Steiger's infamous shop that provides DIY kits for 500 series with a focus on API type mic preamps, eq's, and compressors.

Aion Electronics: PCB's and kits for classic guitar pedals.  Great website with info and history of the pedal being built.

DIY Audio:  From tube hi fidelity stereo amps to guitars and pedals.  Lots of pro help and especially great for those daring to go digital.

GroupDIY: online community of recording equipment designers  and engineers.  And a bunch of geniuses.

AMB labs:  The AMB Labs offer hi-fidelity diy stereo amps with a great forum for troubleshooting.

Five Fish Audio: Owel and gang make api style 500 series gear and offer a few kits of their API and Neve style mic preamps

Audio Maintenance Limited: From the EZ1073 kit which is a clone Neve 1073 to being the only place to get some authentic Neve parts (including Carnhill Transformers) AML is a great resource. Its pricey but shipping is insanely fast from Great Britain.


Sparkos Labs: Very well made 2520 DOA and other circuits for DIY projects.

JLM Audio:  Hailing from Australia Joe Malone has contributed to the DIY community and had his shop running forever.  JLM kits are second to none and very professional.

DIY Recording Equipment: A very useful wiki of the various DIY recording equipment projects out there.

PCB Grinder:  GroupDIY member Gustav's pcb and audio kit shop.

Serpent Audio:   Having developed several next level compressors they don't do as much DIY as before but their kits are still available and are of the best.

Don Classics:  Great 500 series DIY kits for Neve 1073 and UA 1176 as well as Sontec. Of the best Neve type DIY kits.

Sound Sculpture:  Very talented and original DIY kits of the classics; Neve, API, etc... as well as pro audio stuff he has created

Ramshackle Audio: Igor had created some legendary DIY kits before vanishing.  Arrogant and insulting, he was one of the most gifted members at GroupDIY and took DIY to another level. RamshackleAudio  offers a few of his PCB's and projects.

Custom Tube Consoles: Ian Thompson-Bell's Custom Tube Console shop and very well documented journeys through the process of building the mixers. 

Ekadek:  Extremely talented Australian (there are a lot of Aussies that do DIY) console and audio equipment builder. He is also hilarious.

Don Audio: Great resource for hi end Sifam and Elma knobs, Elma switches, and various pcb's and other DIY tolls. Pricey but great quality.

Hairball Audio: Hairball Audio has been making 1176 kits using the PCB's designed by Mnats (another Aussie) for forever.  Hands down the best 1176 clones out there.  Plus their shop has tons of great parts.

1776:  Well made guitar pedal pcb's and parts.

Small Bear: Great online store for all DIY project needs.  Focuses on pedals but has a little everything.

Musique:  Offers guitar pedal-centric kits and is also known as AMZFX

Mouser: Incredibly large parts distributor. If its not here check Digi-key

Mammoth Electronics:  Another great online DIY store that focuses on pedals but has lots to offer.

Cinemag: Formerly Reichenbach, Cinemag make hi end audio transformers an are very respected in the audio community.  The owner is also extremely helpful, open, and friendly. 

Edcor:  Edcor sells made to order transformers for audio and power. Most of the transformers are really good and a very decent alternative to the sometimes very expensive vintage transformers.  They are very affordable but caveat emptor they do have pretty long wait times since the transformers are made in China.  Also double checking the transformer before using it is kind of necessary. 

Antec: Well made and affordable with a long list of toroidal transformers for a large variety of audio  

Frontpanels:  Frank Rollen's laser engraving service. Frank has been a huge contributer to the diy community, and offers a great selection of various projects at GroupDIY and PCB Grinder.  Located in Germany but has quick pretty fast shipping via DHL.

Front Panel Pro:  Great front panel engraving service based in the US 

 Music Electronics : online community of recording equipment designers  and engineers.  And a bunch of geniuses.