Live Sound

Having your live set sound great is important.   Knowing there's a dedicated, experienced, and caring soundman making sure you sound your best can put you at ease to concentate on what's most important, the performance.  


Artists/bands will always perform and play better when they can hear themselves and see the crowd reacting to their music.   If you know it sounds good then you can sound good. 


Armed with a deep knowledge of acoustics and electronics, as well as over 15 years of live sound experience on and off the stage, omnia:arts understands what artists want, and what the crowd they are playing to needs to hear.  We offer competitively priced live sound packages and are well experienced in digital and analog based venues.

Live Sound rental rates can vary on location

For just the soundman for 5 -9 hours; rates start at $20-$25 an hour

For a complete live rig with mixer, mics, monitors, and speakers rates begin at between $75-$100/hr

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