MX72-NV Neve type summing mixer


After endless amounts of research and design omnia:arts is proud to present the MX72-NV summing mixer.

We wanted to offer a DOA based Neve type summing mixer that offered the functionality of a mixing console in a 3U package. 

Something perfect for the modern studio.

The MX72-NV features one stereo channel and eight mono channels, each with volume, pan, mute, and insert switching. The DOA signal path is clear but with a significant warmth that goes to the Carnhill input transformer adding some beautiful warmth. It then hits the 1272 summing stage. The Neve based 1272 summing circuit adds that mojo we all love about Neve mixers.  It is followed by Ed Anderson replicas of the output transformers similar to Mariners found in the older Neve consoles. The master and monitor section is equipped with the same functionality one would find in a large mixing console.

The master/monitor section is composed of a left and right VU meters and illuminated switches for polarity reverse, mono/stereo, mute, dim (with volume control, and headphone out (with volume control as well), and a master insert switch so to include a bus compressor or other dynamic effects. There is also a monitor and master out volume control knob.


We are audio engineers who wanted to offer the audio recording world a mixer that can match the modern era but with the vintage mojo we all love. A piece of the tried and true audio smoothness but blended with what is needed in this day and age of the Digital Audio Workstation.

1 stereo and 8 mono seemed to be perfect. When using the busses in the DAW (be it Pro Tools, Studio One, Or Cubase for example) we figured that they could be best broken down to a stereo channel for drums and 8 mono channels for instruments and vocals.

The beauty of getting something custom done is the modifications that can be offered.

So to add to this behemoth of a summing mixer,one can ask for an additional transport section that will include via usb a daw controllable: play, pause, stop, rew, fwd, next track, and record.

Also one can add an additional 2u led meter that can be built as digital vu meter or led metering.

So the MX72-NV can be morphed into a true state o the art mojo centerpiece.

Please allow 1 to 2 months of assembly time and our rigorous testing that ensures you get the very highest of quality.  The DAW transport coms in a 1U size panel and the LED meters can come in 3U or 2U.  If wanting the additions please contact us first for a price quote.


Price: $4199.99