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G4K Stereo Compressor

OMNIA:ARTS - G4K Stereo Compressor :   Inspired by the G-SSL; the G4K Stereo Bus Compressor features more functionality by adding an illuminated push-button switchable boost/turbo circuit,  high pass filter, and a wet/dry blend circuit for parallel compression, while maintaining the Threshold, Ratio, Attack, Release, and Output gain of the original.  The G4KX is very similar to the G4K but features stepped controls for easy recall and input and output transformers.  There are currently several prototypes available for purchase otherwise each compressor is built to order but has a short roughly 2 month wait time.

HE69EQ - Helios type dual channel EQ

OMNIA:ARTS - HE69EQ :   Made up of some of the finest components in the industry, including Grayhill rotary switches for frequency selection, and Carnhill inductors as well as output transformers, the HE69EQ is a modern take on the legendary Helios modules.  The Helios sound has been sought after by many musicians and engineers as it truly has a vintage vibe.  The omnia:a arts HE69EQ holds true to the filter section of the Helios modules but swaps out the traditional circuitry for a DOA/IC  to the input and output or tube gain stage.  Both versions use Edcor input transformers and Carnhill output transformers (Helios modules went unbalanced out).   

The sound is vintage but clear; offering a warm clarity.  Cuts can seem razor sharp and both cuts and boosts have a tremendous effect even though it can seem subtle. Acoustic guitars really come through in a mix, but same could be said for electric.  Tested with an electric violin it didn't take anytime for the EQ to remove the high brightness that many commonly have.  The HE69EQ is the DOA in and out while the HE69TEQ is the tube gain stage.  Both versions can be made with 2 months.

HE69MP - Helios type Mic Preamp/EQ

OMNIA:ARTS HE69MP:  Inspired by the Helios 69 and using the same circuirty but with modern components such as transistors and output transformers, the HE69MP is a vintage sounding  mic preamp with the same filters found on the Helios EQ's. Signals enter through a vibrant smooth Jensen input transformer and go through the same 2128 amp circuit that is found in Helios modules.  The eq can be bypassed but either way audio then travels through  a recreation of the  22113 Helios amp. The HE69MP output incorporates a Cinemag output transformer to give it the warm push we like with Cinemag transformers and also making the 1u mic preamp eq balanced so it can be incorporated into the modern studio.

MX72-NV Summing mixer

OMNIA:ARTS MX72-NV Summing MixerTwo Neve 1272 amp circuits make up the summing section in this nine channel summing mixer. Nine DOA's (discrete op amps) help process panning, mute, and volume, with each channel featuring insert switching, as well as an aux fader for parallel processing.  The monitor/master section is similar to a console with switches for left/right muting, dim (and dim adjust knob), stereo/mono, and polarity reverse.  Headphone and monitor volume as well as master insert switching and main aux control are all located near to the main stereo out and all use the same circuits Neve used in their legendary consoles.  The mixer features Carnhill input transformers and EA1166 output transformers that are recreations of the St. Ives transformers that were used in the legendary Neve consoles.  The first channel is the mixers stereo in and is perfect for drums or keyboards coming from the DAW. The MX72-NV harnesses the glorious sound of Neve amp circuitry but keeps it in a 3U 19" format as it is designed for the modern studio.  Each summing mixer is built to order and takes 4  - 6 months. A 2U metering strip will be available in August 2019.

Coming Soon...

OMNIA:ARTS - 324i monitor controller:  For mastering, professional, and home studios the 324i features 3-6 input channels which any one channel can be selected by illuminated push button switch, as well as 4 - 6 outputs of which any two can be selected by using illuminated push button switch.  Like the master/monitor section of a mixing console there are buttons for mute, reverse polarity, dim  (with knob for level control), and a mono/stereo button as well as volume level control with a 7 segment volume display indicator.   An active/passive switch is implemented so user can choose to go through either the transparent and active circuitry, or to just use the in and out selections and master monitor section.   A basic DAW transport section with USB connection includes illuminated buttons for Play/Pause, Stop, Rewind, Fast ForwardNext and Previous track.  The headphone system features a headphone volume knob and can be selected via push button.  The transparent headphone amp circuitry insures the user gets a real sense of what the audio sounds like.  Some models will feature a TFT screen indicating channels in operation, and volume and frequency response through PPM, spectrum analyzing, and FFT metering.  The 324i can be outfitted with very high quality 24bit 192k DAC connected via USB.  Comes in both 1u and 2u sizes but the standard model is 3 inputs, 4 outputs monitor section, DAW transport, and active/passive switch.

Below is a picture of a working protype.

Coming Soon...

OA-T43 - A two channel vca compressor with switchable stereo mode. A very easy to use transparent compressor.

OA-Spirit: A three channel guitar amplifier with a very warm clean channel to a mid gain second rhythm channel, to a third very high gain channel with bright/hi cut switching, and vu meter level indication. 

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