Location Recording


Taking the recording rig on the road.


It is crucial at times to have a recording of an event. Imagine a world without the recordings of great speeches, spiritual discourses, or live shows of your favorite band. We are able to record or film any event, play, show, meeting, church recital, rehearsal, public speaking, etc... regardless of size.  After the event is recorded, the files get brought back to the omnia:arts studios where the audio and/or video is edited and rendered then sent to the customer. Further editing for a more polished recording is always encouraged and available.  Video filming can be done in 4k if required with several cameras to get different perspectives

  On site location recording is a great way to chronicle performances, capture important speeches and seminars, not to mention releasing a live album.  From legal disputes where every word needs to be capture to discourses by a guest speaker in a full auditorium there is no project that is to small or to big.  Using hi-quality 24bit 192k Analog to Digital Conversion and various equipment so that what needs to be heard can be separated from the background and one is left with a clear recording (environmental conditions not withstanding)

Our 24 channel live mixing board can be brought out to festivals or shows or a much smaller compact recording rig can be used for business meetings, and smaller speaking engagements.  We use top of the line mics, mic preamps, compressors,  and eq's, to ensure we get the best quality recording we can.


Rates dependent on what's required

For larger events where the mixer and mics are used its typically $75/hr

For smaller engagements its around $30/hr

Video recording with one camera operator is $30/hr

We are capable of having 4 camera operators film an event

For a full video and audio video and sound mixing event contact omnia:arts

Audio and video editing and rendering is $20 an hour but typically is included with the recording or filming in a single package.