The "glue" your mix needs.  The G4k is a direct disendent of the Gssl by Jakob Ekland but with the crucial options added on to give it a more SSL like behaiver.  The add-ons incle an Oxfrord/Arhaus switch that engages the Turbo circuitry as well as a dry/wet mix that is achieved via a knob with completely counter-clockwise being dry and 100%  clockwise being wet. This offers complete control of the bus compressor on the mix bus.

The G4K also comes with a HPF switch that can be crucial in the right mix settings.

All buttons are illuminated when engaged and the knobs are high quality Kilo International knobs like those used by Manley and Dangerous music.

Once the G4K is on yourmaster out you will sit in disbelief of why you havent had it there before.  No plug-in can achieve what the G4K does with the analog circuitry.

G4K Bus Compressor