Vintage mojo for days.  Helios consoles were respected throughout the audio community in the 60's and 70's.  There were only 51 ever built and only 10 full consoles exist today as owners found it hard to sell the full console but selling channels was easier.  

Throughout the years Helios Electronics was purchased and began selling 1u racks and 500 series of the mic preamp/eq as well as several clones out in the market.  With help from members in the audio community we decided to add a balanced out feature to the Helios so it could interface with oter gear and because output transformer bring another level of mojo.

All our products are built by hand in Minneapolis and go through rigorous testing before leaving the shop.  The pandemic has made some parts hard to source (as we use the best) but as we do have a small supply in the shop.  Please check out our other pro-audio products.