OMNIA:ARTS is artists helping artists. 

More than likely you already have a good idea of what you want, and know how to get it.  Maybe you aren't sure about the best way to achieve your goal.  Regardless you are reading this so it is a step in the right direction.  We should bring that out.   

Recording, mixing, editing, and production

Using a highly modified 24 channel inline recording console, vintage and modern mics, preamps, compressors and equalizers, as well as some of the best software available, the studio's hybrid analog and digital system is set up for all forms of music and audio.

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Custom-Built Audio and Music Equipment. 

  omnia:arts designs and builds everything from guitar amps to simple ic op amp based headphone amplifiers to more elaborate multi-circuit, point to point ,tube mastering compressors.   

We offer competitive rates for equipment repair as well as modifying and upgrading your home and pro audio equipment.  

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Live Sound

With nearly 20 years in live sound and recording we offer the professional experience needed for your show, event, festival, or meeting.  Weather it is a discrete and professional atmosphere to a fast paced and hectic outside event; no gig is too small or too big. 


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Musical Arrangement and Composistion

From commercial media to singer songwriter folk; let us help you create and make real the vision or music you hear in your head.

Set in a comfortable and inspiring environment with a variety of instruments and software we can help you craft (or craft for you) what it is your envisioning. 

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On Location Recording

Engagements such as financial seminars, spiritual discourses, award presentations, college lectures, or judicial depositions need a discrete professional recording.  Bands and venues like to capture live performances for the world to hear what they are like live. omnia:arts provides professional and discrete on location recording.

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