Intimate.  Affordable.  Professional

OMNIA:ARTS provides a casual but professional atmosphere using world class gear by trained and experienced musician/engineers.  Every form of music is welcome.  Combining the best of both worlds in a hybrid analog and digital system the aim is to get the artists vision out into the world. 

Recording, mixing, and mastering a song or album can be a profoundly spiritual and deeply intimate experience.   There is nothing like the feeling of accomplishment one receives when listening back to the beautiful art they've created.  We understand this as we are musicians as well as engineers and artists. For nearly two decades we have been recording and mixing music in the studio and live. 

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omnia:arts can provide film scoring and soundscape design for TV, radio, online, and film, as well as composition and editing. From commercials to documentaries there is no style of music that can't be done. 

Rates are dependent on what is required but typically run $25-$30/hr

Mastering is $40 a song or $300 an album

Song, demo, and full day discount packages are available:  See FAQ or contact omnia:arts for more info

The studio is centered around a modified Yamaha DM2000 recording console.  In use are highly respected vintage and modern mics like Neumann and AKG, mic preamps like Neve and API, compressors, eq's, and effects, as well as some of the best software available.  This makes it easier to get great sounding tracks, and especially when there is a musician/engineer who sees the vision you see.

The DAW is either Pro Tools or Studio One and combined with the automation and controllers of the DM2000 makes recalling sessions an easy touch of a button.

There is also an assortment of guitar and bass amps, various instruments; like drums, violins, mandolins, and keyboards, and an extensive library of samplers like Kontakt, Omnisphere, IK Multimedia, etc...  insuring nearly any instrument one could think of is available to be recorded.

omnia:arts is also very fortunate to work with a variety of very talented professional musicians who play a plethora o instruments from violin, cello, and accordion to piano, guitar, and cello.  They are readily available for any recording sessions.

There is an isolation booth for AVR and voice overs, and omnia:arts can work with video media using a variety of programs like Premier and Vegas to perform any video editing task.

Decades of experience in live sound and on-site recording make it so regardless of the situation no task is too small or too big. Contact us about our live sound or on-site recording rates.

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neve omnia log 2.png
Mixing Console:
Yamaha DM2000 
Summing mixer:
omnia:arts MX72-NV 10 channel Neve type summing mixer
Mackie HR824
Genelec 1031
3.4g x 12 core PC using
Lucid 88192 ADDA Converter
Black Lion Audio modified MOTU HD192, 2408 MKIII (for bridging), MOTU 16A
omnia:arts 24/192k DAC
56 in/out 24bit 192k
Pro Tools 10HD
Studio One 4
Adobe A3
HOFA (mastering/finalizing/transfer)
omnia:arts M-control
Location remote recording :
Motu Ultralite AVB 10 in 10 out
expandable to 18 in 22 out
Mic Preamps:
2 x NV1073 (Neve 1290 type mic preamps)
1 x Neve 1073
1 x Vintage Designs M581 (Neve inspired)
1 x CAPI VP26 (API type mic preamp)
1 x CAPI VP312DI (API type mic preamp)
1 x Five Fish X-12 (API type mic preamp)
1 x Warm Audio wa12 (API Type Mic Preamp)
1 x omnia:arts CTC-2 (dual channel tube mic preamp)
1 x TNC ACMP (Neve type mic preamp)
2 x Helios type 69 mic preamp/eq (omnia:arts)
1 x SSL 9k (clone)
1 x omnia:arts G4K stereo bus compressor
1 x G-SSL bus compressor
2 x 1176 Rev 'D' type limiting amplifier (clone)
1 x 1176 Rev 'J' (clone)
1 x Warm Audio WA76 
2 x DBX 160X
1 x D-LA2A (dual channel LA2A built by omnia:arts)
ART PRO VLA II optical compressor
2 x Helios type 69 EQ (omnia:arts h69eq)
1 x G-Pultec 
1 x EZ1084 (Neve 1084 type EQ)
2 x APP 540 (API Type gyrator EQ)
1 x Neumann W492
Neumann u87
2 x Nuewann u87 (clone)
1 x Advanced Audio SE47
2 x Oktava MK201
1 x Audio Technica AT-4033
1 x Audio Technica AT-4050
1 x Audio Technica AT-4040
1 x Neuwann u47fet (clone)
1 x Neuwann (clone)
1 x Oktavamod MK301
4 x Shure sm57
2 x Seinheiser e609
Outboard Effects:
TC Electronic M-one+
Lexicon PCM
Guitar and Bass Amps:
omnia:arts Lab Series 5+ (Gibson/moog/aion)
omnia:arts Alembic FX-2 (fender type)
omnia:arts Spirit X3 
Hughes and Kettner Vortex
Marshall MG100
Hartke 250
Roland KH100 Keyboard Amp
Kustom KM280 Power Amp
Roland Power Amp
Triple wreck
Diezel VH4
omnia:arts apparition (reverb)
2 x Big Muff Pi
Ibanez Tube screamer
Modded 808
BBE sonic maximizer
Boss AD-8
omnia:arts hi-G
omnia:arts quad-take delay
omnia:arts two/eq
Waves Diamond Bundle
Sampletank 3
Native Instruments Kontakt 4
IK MultiMedia Amplitude
Fab Filter
Korg Legacy

Artists we have worked with:

Tommy guns

De Snap


T -Dow

Leana French

The Trampolines


Apocalypse Theatre

The Dang habit Band

Carlos Love


Hot Damn


Juan Salvador


Cool Booze

Los Nuevos


Lil Gman

Funk Parade

Ian Fahtelli Quartet

The swollen jazz band

Brothers keeper

Skeletons in the Piano

Sugar Eater

Erica Vazquez

and more....

The website has just been completely redone, so links and sound samples will be available soon

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